Forestry in South Africa
Monday, June 14, 2021

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Compo Expert South Africa
Compo Expert
Contact Person : Michiel Meets
Cell : 082 553 5431
Website :
E-mail :
Province : National
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : 3 Leipoldt street, Bellville
Physical Address : 19 Oudepont street, Wellington Industrial
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Company Profile

COMPO EXPERT - Your partner for improved timber production

Compo Expert is an international company with locations in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia and South Africa. We produce and market special fertilizers and biostimulants for all areas of plant production and care.

As leaders in innovation and technology with 60 years of experience in the fertilizer industry, we provide the highest quality solutions worldwide. COMPO EXPERT, with its broad range of high quality, innovative special fertilizers, is a leader in the areas of broad acre crops, vegetables, fruit and vines, nurseries and forestry. Strong EXPERT teams guarantee extensive support to the trade and the users in our market.

We generate value for our customers by combining excellent service, great knowledge of the needs of local end users and a complete portfolio of highly specialized products. We always act in a professional manner and consider it our duty to protect people and the environment in all areas in which we operate. Our people are the core of our company. We act worldwide as a team of EXPERTS FOR GROWTH.

The COMPO EXPERT Difference

Our Vlaue Proposition

  • Being an international company COMPO EXPERT has specialists in all the forestry regions of the world.
  • Using our products assures the client in any area of the world of high quality products and information, ensuring the best utilisation of costly inputs, increased growth performance and higher yields.
  • Trials conducted in any area of the world is timeously shared with the rest of the group, ensuring benefits reach our global client base.
  • All regions will benefit by using a product with a lower carbon footprint and better environmental benefits, ensuring companies reach their sustainability targets in all areas of production and management.

Perfect for Forestry

Basacote® is ideally suited for use in forestry because:

  • It can be applied direclty at planting so no second pass is required saving application costs and labour
  • It only fertilizes the target tree not the surrounding weeds
  • It uses low amounts of fertilizer by weight thus reducing freight and handling costs
  • The early growth surge helps trees overcome weed, pest and grazing pressure
  • Trace elements of Basacote® overcome micronutrient deficiencies and help trees tolerate stress
  • The nutrients are available to the new seedling immediatly therefore reducing transplant shock
  • Slow release properties mean less chance for leaching and nutrient loss and pollution of waterways
  • Perfect for high rainfall areas
  • Small application amounts means less fertilizer is carried around the site by the planting crew

Unique properties of the coating
  • Even thickness
    •  Ensuring high crop safety through controlled nutrient release
  • High elasticity
    • High safety; mechanical damage is reduced to a minimum
    • Coating consists of elastic polymer and is slowly broken down in the soil after nutrient releases
  • Trace element supply
    • All micronutrients (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn) are supplied in every granule
    • Chelated trace elements for excellent plant availability
    • Theprecise placement of micronutrients directly under the coating layer guarantees:
      • continuous long-term release
      • best efficiency of the chelates
Local agents:

     Callum McKenzie
     Cell: 072 437 6795

Mpumalanga (South):
     Dean Martyn
     Cell: 082 547 1275

Mpumalanga (North) & Limpopo:
     Dix van Dam
     Cell: 082 804 7942

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Company Products

  • Basacote® Plus 6M
  • Basacote® Plus 9M
  • Basacote® Plus 12M
  • Basacote® P-Max 6M
  • Basacote® Mini 3M
  • Basacote® Mini 6M
  • Basacote® Mini 9M


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