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October : Call for Proposals to Develop a Virtual Reality App for Training Chainsaw Operators in the SA Forest Sector

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4 October, 2017

Call for Proposals to Develop a Virtual Reality App for Training Chainsaw Operators in the SA Forest Sector


 TERMS OF REFERENCE (TOR) FOR THE PROVISION / development OF a Virtual Reality application for training chainsaw operators in the South African Forests Sector


The South African Forests sector through the premier industry association of timber growers, Forestry South Africa (FSA) is leading a Project that seeks to develop and test the effectiveness of a virtual & augmented reality, motion sensing chainsaw operator training application.

Chainsaw operators and mechanics are a very important component of the South African Forestry sector's human capital and will always be because about 30% of SA's plantations that will always be harvested using motor-manual systems due to their topography. Chainsaw operators in South Africa apply their trade in dusty, humid and sometimes in muddy environments resulting from the diverse climate of the region.

In 2009, the National Skills Strategy declared chainsaw operating as a scarce and critical skill. Notwithstanding substantial financial investment and amount of time spent on skills training, chainsaw operators are still a scarce and critical skill in South Africa. It is in this regard that a sector that directly and indirectly employs about 158 400 people, and contributes about 11% to the country's Agricultural GDP with very strong orientation to export that yielded a positive trade balance of R 7.3 billion in 2015 is now investing to extend the training world of chainsaw operators.1

This intervention should result in a more cost effective, learner adaptable, and injury free training that will likely revolutionize the industry. The product thereof could similarly be used for testing the competency of chainsaw operators and for refresher training, and will by no means be used as the sole means of training chainsaw operators but will be used as a precursor for an Industry endorsed, accredited facilitator-led training experience which culminates in certification if the learner is competent. A portion of the work schedule will also involve an analysis of the socioeconomic impact of virtual reality training applications in the forestry sector.

Download the full ToR - Virtual Reality Chainsaw Training Application document

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