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Sunday, July 25, 2021

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May : Call for Proposals for the provision of forestry business planning services for re-establishment of small-scale timber plantations in Sokhulu community

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30 May, 2016

Call for Proposals for the provision of forestry enterprise's business planning services for the re-establishment of small-scale timber plantations in the Sokhulu community.

Many households in the Sokhulu rural area, situated to the north of Richards Bay, in the UThungulu District Municipality of the KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa, participate in timber farming. Research in other countries has shown that where households engaged in tree farming as opposed to producing alternative crops in partnership, small-scale tree farming has proven to be the most profitable enterprise. Most of the wood produced by small-scale timber growers in the KwaZulu-Natal Province is sold to pulping and chipping companies. The pulp and paper industry contributes about 24% of the KwaZulu-Natal Agricultural Gross Geographic Product. Through the South African Bantu Trust (SABT) large areas in tribal areas at Sokhulu, Mthunzini and Mbazwana were planted with eucalyptus. By the mid-1960's the local tribal authority at Sokhulu encouraged the planting of eucalyptus in fear that companies would take the unutilised land from the community. In 1972 the Department of Agriculture and Forestry in KwaZulu started issuing eucalyptus seedlings in tribal areas. Sappi introduced the first out-grower scheme called Project Grow in 1980, later to be followed by the Mondi scheme called Khulanathi. It is through some combination of the three routes named above that resulted in the approximately 1 817ha owned and managed by small scale timber growers in the area of Sokhulu. Over the years the once excellent plantations have degraded due to poor re-establishment regimes and, plant disease and pest infestations. This has resulted in the declining productivity of the sites.

It is in this regard that Forestry South Africa, in partnership with UThungulu District Municipality, is intervening through Project RESOS FLO in order to revive the assets and opportunities for savings in households with forestry dependant livelihoods in the Sokhulu area. A Project Steering Committee (PSC) comprising of representatives of the Forestry Industry, DAFF, KZN DARD, Municipalities, Sokhulu Community, Small-scale timber growers, Academia, Research institutions, and other relevant stakeholders has been constituted in order to provide oversight, guidance, expert advice and make recommendations to the planning and implementing team(s).


Access the full tender by clicking on the following link: TOR - Sokhulu


Source: Forestry South Africa