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Monday, June 14, 2021

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African Certification and Testing
African Certification and Testing
Contact Person : Pierre Tullis
Telephone : (033) 330 3418
Cell : 083 627 6897
Website :
E-mail :
Province : Kwazulu Natal
Country : South Africa
Postal Address : 1 Klaasen Street, Merrivale, Howick
Physical Address : 1 Klaasen Street, Merrivale, Howick
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Company Profile

African Certification and Testing (PTY) Ltd (ACT) has been established to provide a vehicle in which to operate a mark scheme for the benefit of specific identified industries in Africa. Originally ACT was founded to provide the Utility pole industry (Telecommunication and Electrical poles) a certification service as currently there is no Certification Body in Africa that can provide a cost effective certification and testing service. ACT are in the process of looking to expand into East Africa. In 2019 ACT extended their scope into sawmilling due to a request from certain sectors in the sawmilling industry.

ACT is accredited through South African National Accreditation Systems (SANAS) for product certification to the requirements of ISO 17065 and Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) to the requirements of ISO 17021 in the timber industry

Ownership and Directors
ACT is established with independent Directors of which none are associated or linked to any of the ACT clients. The names and affiliations of the incumbent directors are available from the ACT office. The company is financially independent and the shares are owned by the Directors.

ACT operates independently from other Industry Associations and bodies such as SAWPA, SAUPA and SSA. Other industry bodies will not be able to influence its policies or decisions. As a result, there are no related
bodies to ACT. ACT does not carry on any other business activities apart from certification and testing within the timber industry.

ACT employ full time, part time and contracted staff, to ensure all activities (administration, auditing, testing etc.) are adequately resourced with qualified and competent staff. ACT take full responsibility for all personnel matters such as training, competence, confidentiality, Occupational, Health and Safety etc.

ACT Quality Policy Statement.
Quality will pervade African Certification and Testing's technical, operational and service delivery process. Our quality service culture is characterized by client focus and continuous improvement in all we do:

The delivery of quality service shall be the focus of everyone at African Certification and Testing as we achieve success in the long term pursuit of quality, our people will strive to:

  • Meet client needs and exceed client expectations
  • Respond quickly and wisely to rapid changes in the business environment and changing client needs.
  • Attract and retain clients by being best-in-class.

To ensure continuing success of the quality initiative, our leadership will:
  • Maintain an absolute, proactive and long term commitment to client focused, continuous service improvement.
  • Understand the concepts, be familiar with the tools and encourage techniques that enable us to fully integrate client focused continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • Act as role models for the quality values of African Certification and Testing
  • African Certification and Testing has formulated an Impartiality committee for ensuring strict adherence to laid down impartiality norms and for reviewing of the norms on a time to time basis.

The Managing Director, Management, Staff and Sub-contractors of African Certification and Testing are fully committed to providing all our clients and potential clients with a service that fully meets their requirements.

The product certification process will ensure that all evaluation and certification decisions are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the relevant standard. In addition, African Certification and Testing is fully committed to ensuring that it fully complies with all relevant standards and all requirements of any regulatory bodies.

African Certification and Testing will ensure that a professional service will be offered to clients through the use of trained, experienced and competent evaluators and support staff.

African Certification and Testing will continually seek to improve the services it offers and will do so through acting upon client's feedback, regular internal and external evaluation, reviews of reports, and reviews of staff, management review meetings and management meetings.

Any client who feels dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided by African Certification and Testing is encouraged to put in writing their complaint which will be responded to promptly and thoroughly investigate.

In conducting certification activities African Certification and Testing fully understands the importance of ensuring that the product certification process and all evaluation are conducted in an impartial manner and no conflict of interest exists. To this end checks have been introduced throughout the product certification process to identify any potential conflicts of interest and an independent Impartiality Committee has been established to oversee the operations of African Certification and Testing and in particular the product certification process.

Auditing and inspection program

ACT has developed an audit and inspection programme to satisfy the requirements of ISO 19011.

ACT have consulted with customers such as Eskom (South Africa) and Kaap Agri (wooden poles) and ITC (roof trusses) to determine the quality standards required by the end users.

Objectives of auditing program.
An auditing and inspection program has been developed for all the ACT clients in order to ensure the product supplied under the ACT mark continuously comply to the product standard and end user requirements.

Objectives of auditing program.
  1. Reflect the level of performance of the ACT clients in the wooden pole industry in the occurrences of product failures, non-conformances and/or customer complaints.
  2. Contribute to the improvement of the ACT client's product and quality management systems.
  3. Enable end users to obtain and maintain confidence in the ACT clients.
  4. Enable ACT clients to comply to legal and contractual requirements.
  5. Reduce risks to ACT clients and the timber industry.
  6. To contribute to the improvement of the timber industry by reviewing ACT clients audits and inspection.
Inspections and audits.
All the ACT clients are committed to 10 product inspections every year. The ACT have also committed to all end users to carry out product inspections delivered under the ACT mark scheme.

Company Products

ACT has SANAS Accreditation for ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17021.

  • Product certification of standards for wooden poles and sawn timber
  • Auditing of quality management systems - ISO 9001
  • Consignment product inspection
  • Verification of equipment


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