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April : AARTO: Risk Assessment & Training Course

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18 April, 2012

AARTO: Risk Assessment & Training Course

AARTO is going to have major implications for the way businesses operate.  In the realisation that many members do not know the full extent of these implications, FSA strongly encourages members to take advantage of training and other opportunities to learn more about these.  In terms of this please see the information below to assist you. The first deals with risk assessment and the second a training course.

Should you want to take advantage of these offers, please contact Leandrah at SASM directly.

AARTO Risks faced by your Department:

  1. Directors, important staff and stakeholders through simply not understanding AARTO can expose the company to a huge business risk as simple traffic fines can lead to criminal records, limit international travel and severely affect business opportunities.
  2. Directorships in terms of the New Companies Act will be affected.
  3. The biggest effect that AARTO will have on your organisation is the loss of personnel. This means that funds, time and resources will now need to be invested in the locating and training of new staff members.
  4. CCMA cases will be probable if staff is not adequately trained on AARTO due to "THE PAST PRECEDENCE EFFECT".
  5. HR policies will need to be amended to incorporate AARTO implications.
  6. Vehicles with operator cards not complying with roadworthy standards can be removed off the road and in some cases your entire fleet can be grounded.
  7. Your proxy may be prosecuted in conjunction with the Criminal Procedures Act for non-compliance to AARTO.
  8. Traffic Fines that are not dealt with correctly will result in your inability to renew PDP's, vehicles' licenses, drivers' licenses etc- this means your business will come to a halt and business continuity will be adversely affected.
  9. In certain instances, fine values will be escalated three-fold.
  10. AARTO sets very specific standards and these must be met to ensure sustainable business continuity.

Questions that need to be addressed by all:
AARTO legislation has been developed around three questions:

  1. If you lost your license today how would you be at your place of employment?
  2. If you lost your license today can the company still use you?
  3. If you lost your license today how will it affect your freedom to operate and will you be able to sustain your family?

What are the implications if you are prosecuted under the Criminal Procedures ACT & receive a criminal record due to AARTO?
Are your policies catering for AARTO? What would you do if you had various AARTO CCMA cases against you?
What would you do if all your company vehicles / trucks are grounded?
What will you do if you receive a non-conformance on your audit due to AARTO non-compliance?
What if your top performers lose their licenses due to AARTO and cannot generate sales?
What would you do if your contactors could not service your needs as they have lost their fleet or employees due to AARTO?

Please contact me for solutions to the above risks

Senior Executive - Sales and Marketing


SASM would like to invite you to our AARTO Facilitators aka "Train the Trainer" Workshop on 24 & 25 April 2012 in Gauteng, Alberton.

This workshop is developed for companies that are keen to appoint persons in their company to facilitate the training of staff on AARTO and the consequences thereof.

SASM will provide the participants with all the documentation and training methodology to effectively train drivers, owner drivers, employees and contractors on AARTO.

What are the advantages of The Facilitators Workshop? 

  • The Facilitators Training provides the representatives with the correct AARTO tools to train hundreds and even thousands of drivers and staff internally (Which will have huge cost savings for a company).
  • Training can be done at a suitable time for the trainers and drivers/staff.
  • A large amount of drivers/staff can be trained at one time, suitable for both parties.
  • The Facilitators Training can be used to train any new drivers/staff members who join the company without any additional training costs involved.
  • SASM will supply the attendees with further AARTO updates which can then be presented to drivers/staff at their follow up training.
  • This training would ensure that management are protected against the loss of revenue and business continuity.
  • You can train all of your Contractors, Sub Contractors and 3rd Party affiliates with our Training Material.
SASM is offering you the solutions to your train your own staff and drivers - Attend our AARTO Facilitators Workshop.




Book NOW and qualify for your special pricing -  pay R4500.00 per person (regular price R5200.00 pp).

Please contact me on for your booking forms.